Slowing down and Relating to One’s Self

Bill and his newly reconstructed compost bins

The mindfulness project Susan and I are embarked upon continues to bring up common themes in  new ways.  It is decidedly fall now, thus the theme of seasons and change.  I have re-built the three stall compost system in anticipation of harvesting an abundance of leaves destined to be lovingly distributed to future soil expecting a future garden and a future harvest.  I have discovered that building good soil is something of a spiritual imperative — more about that in another blog post

For now the metaphor stays with fall and another change of seasons.  Wow!  Time moves along pushing us from season to season. Then one day I awake to discover my son has turned 30 years old!  For most of my life I would not have said that one fall feels appreciably different than the next.  Now this!

In my last post I mentioned that in “overwhelm and busy mode” that heretofore characterized my routine, I had found it impossible to consider making many changes simply because I could not conceive of fitting the needed change into the life I was living.

The mindfulness project is allowing me to perceive many of the ways I have previously shrunken life experience to continue my habit of constantly working.  Now on the cusp of sixty, with the help of time dedicated to pause and reflection, I perceive new ways of expanding life experience, and doing so more meaningfully.  This really is a gift of just slowing down.  The exterior life is just as demanding, but care of the soul comes first — and what a difference.

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  1. Bobbi
    Bobbi says:

    Those are impressive compost bins, Bill! What a wonderful way to be mindful: invest in your home, in the environment, and in the future health and bounty of your gardens. I am inspired to build my own! (But…what about the bears?)


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