Assessment: you need to do more assessment


New Years, it always seems an appropriate time to talk about resolutions.  In working our Conscious Living project I have discovered not a need for resolutions, but rather a need for ongoing reflective self assessment.  The “stop and think” aspect of Conscious Living oddly enough has found its way into a new perspective and habit of how I try to approach life.  It has become clear that “plowing ahead” with work or chores or obligations of all stripes is a recipe for frustration and overwhelm.  So first things first, it’s helpful to stop and think every day, indeed twice a day and do an attitude and process check on yourself.

I have started outlining for myself a process by which to frame my day for adherence to faith, principles and priorities, (the start the day bit).  Then too I have evolved an outline of steps to take and things to consider in reviewing how well I actually adhered to that faith, those principles and those priorities, (the end of the day bit).

The overarching principles for me have become:  1) do honorable work as well as you can do it,  2)  exhibit honorable behavior,  3)find joy, 4) do this always in the context of growing my relationship with God.  Ok, and my end of the day self assessments tell me where I am failing and succeeding in these intentions.

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