Welcome and thank you for checking out our project of a year of mindful living and conscious consuming!

If you watched the videos or explored the site, you know that our goal is to consume only what is essential and to see what changes as a result. 

What can we learn in relation to time, nature, spirituality, community, new skills, and money?  We hope this will contribute to the global conversation of inspiring each other.

We view this as a quest and begin with high hopes and excitement. We also have apprehension.  While we have put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into this project, it feels vulnerable. There are so many unknowns.  Where will we surprise ourselves with success, where will we fall short?  How will we respond?  How will you respond?  

Another source of trepidation is acknowledging that, as an American, we are part of the 12% of global population that accounts for 60% of private consumption (World Watch Institute). To many people around the globe, the question of minimal consumption is a stark reality, not an experiment. 

We are also acquiring a new skill set to be able to facilitate this site.   As with developing anything new, practice is important, and for us there will be a lot of learning as we go.  We hope we can keep the website fun and engaging while we continue to learn the skills necessary to administer the site. 

We wholeheartedly thank you for investigating WE All Can and look forward to being inspired by your contributions!  

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