Wonderful Support

The Atlantic at sunset; a gorgeous site for a desert dweller

Travel is one of the categories that we are observing to see what patterns may emerge.  Several things stand out about a trip I took last week:  the joy of celebrating our son, the kindness of strangers, and the support of your posts.

Likely many of you know the joy of celebrating the achievements of someone you love, and that was certainly the highlight of a trip I took across the country last week for our son’s graduation.  Graduations are particularly lovely events because they are clear demarcations of the ending of one phase and beginning of something new. They are a reason to pause, to reflect, to celebrate, to dream.  We hope many of you have experienced this particular joy!

Andrea and Doug Sendebry were wondrous angels as they saved the day by stepping in to pay for my rental car.  Your heart will be warmed and you will be inspired by their actions; see post in the Forum under “Acts of kindness, love, courage” for the full story of their kindness!!/actsoflovekindnesscourage

The previous couple of weeks were hectic as we prepared to launch this site, created the ceremony to celebrate a world with more compassion and dignity, and continued to learn new skills so we could moderate the site.  I was exhausted by the time I checked in to my hotel and logged into We All Can.  I read the wonderful forum posts about mindfulness and was inspired to sink into my fatigue rather than resist it.  Because of your wisdom, I began to enjoy the fatigue and found myself smiling at the beauty of life.  Shortly after, I walked to the beach and took the photo above.