Help me with my Tag Line

I am attending very sporadically to a small selection of blogs, you-tube channels or Patreon posts. One of the things other authors do that I kind of like is using a Tag-Line at the end of their post or video. I appreciate it as a signature of sorts. However, I am also thinking it should convey with consistency a central theme that resonates for me in the blog and on the forum.  I would like a tag-line that expresses my desire to commit to improving something in the real world and to encourage others to choose something for themselves.  For me, this is the concept of Stewardship.

You may try thinking of a real something or someone in your life that you take responsibility for caretaking, for stewarding. The net desired effect is that over time you can say to yourself (not necessarily attracting laurels from others) that this person, this place, this organization, this service is better for my having been there.

So, how do I concisely convey that in an inviting way?  I am considering “What’s your something to care for?”, or “Find something to care for.” Both seem a bit like confrontational challenges when I am feeling defensive. “Think stewardship.” Is that closer? –but it still resides in the head and not in action. For me stewardship is linked to compassion, so maybe “consider compassionately, live stewardship” seems to get closer, but in a way that is rather too much of a slogan.

I would like the tag-line to also convey a very personal sense of priority in the choices we make. I dunno. Maybe I should give up on the tagline and just try to finding inviting ways to express these ideas withing the unique context of each subject I tackle in the blog. What do you think?