Slow Food

Well! I finally made it to blogger status; I’ve got my admin credential for this site.  Embarking upon an exercise to critically consider many if not most of the choices I am used to making naturally took me quickly to food.  I consider myself a busy guy (more about the ins and out of that later).  Food choice it turns out is one of the first quality compromises that comes up for me with regard to “busy”.  We have mostly been tuned to family  meals (no screens) and preferential local and organic choices.  However, “convenience” would often rear its shaggy head.  At this juncture I have stopped convenience stops – fast food restaurant choices.  It’s obvious.  With that choice lies poor quality – perhaps even “anti” nutrition– and a absence of any sense of value in the purchase.  Considering this made me recall valuable concepts I had appreciated previously but not fully embraced.  One of these is the “Slow-Food” movement .  I’ll get into my explore of this concept by degrees, but I really hope you go check out the site for yourself soon.  For Joe Salatin, a rather insightful permaculture farmer who I admire more each time I encounter his thought, Slow Food concepts and respect for human and natural processes at  eco-centric and spiritual levels can be linked.  There is a lot there for me to take my time and chew over, perhaps for you as well.  What’s  your something to care for?