Slowing Down

The land that we love

Because we have been traveling and enjoying guests so much this summer, we are behind in caring for our home. This past week was the first one since early June that we have had our normal routine, and since we have nearly 6 acres, our time was packed with long overdue chores.  Irrigating, mowing, weeding, hauling broken branches, fertilizing, tending the labyrinth…  The days were long, hot, dirty, and sweaty.  They were also satisfying.  It is fulfilling to care for a place that you love.

One fun result of this project of removing the distractions of consumption is that most tasks are taking on a richer quality.  We do not have the radio reporting in the background as we go about our morning.  We are not interrupting the flow of chores to run into town for the odd piece of hardware that makes things easier but isn’t really necessary. We are not then stopping for lunch and returning to find that the hours have flown by and we now feel stressed and rushed to finish.

In a forum post I mentioned the value of pausing (!/mindfulness ).  What I am noticing is that these pauses are expanding on their own.   The beauty and romance of the living of life, previously apparent but needing to be acknowledged,  is now a constant companion.  I am grateful.

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