Evaluation of the initial two weeks

We are off and running, despite a couple of hectic weeks!  Travel, visitors, and Jessie (our website designer, wolffmediadesigns ) marrying and moving presented some challenges.  We embraced the chaos and learned a lot.  Before addressing the categories we’re choosing to mindfully consume (purchases, entertainment, news, food, travel), I’ll address what we have learned in the areas we’re examining when the distractions generated by consumption are minimized (time, nature, spirituality, money, new skills, community).  Three of these areas stand out:  new skills, community, and spirituality.

Learning new skills is the area that rises to the top.  Prior to this project, neither of us had any experience with websites or social media.  Our learning curve was very steep in order to get the site up and running (thanks for your patience, Jesse!).  It has also been quite the challenge to learn how to moderate and update the blog and forum.  We still bumble around and aren’t quite sure how to relate the web site to Facebook, but we are learning and appreciate your patience and support!

Community and spirituality also stand out as we read your posts on the forum.  You have contributed fun, useful, and wise information that have encouraged us to pause amid the chaos.  You are creating a space of dialog and community that uplifts us and that we hope is also uplifting for you.  Thank you!

Now for the areas of consumption:  entertainment and food are where we indulged a little; travel was present, we made a couple of purchases, and we didn’t have time to focus on news.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I traveled for our son’s graduation.  He then spent 5 days at home before heading off to more school and a new career.  Two things stood out about the trip.  One is the accomplishment and pride of our son, the other is the kindness of strangers!/actsoflovekindnesscourage.  We’ll see what patterns emerge with travel as the year progresses.

Because our son was here for less than a week, and during that time he was both resting and packing for his next steps, what he needed was a sense of normality.  This included visiting his favorite restaurant and catching up on the final episodes of a couple of his favorite shows.  Indulging his desires in these areas felt supportive of his transition and in the spirit of our project.  We also bought him some new towels and school supplies, because it was helpful and because I can’t resist being a mom :).