Making Dandelion Tincture

As Bill mentioned in the previous post, we followed the process of making an herbal remedy from dandelions that is in the Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook by James Green.  It was simple and fun.  The remedy can be used for a variety of ills including gentle detoxification, skin disorders, and lowering cholesterol.  Who knew that this common weed held such treasures?!

First, we went into our field and dug some dandelions.  This was easy because it had rained the night before.  We washed these thoroughly.

Next, we chopped the dandelions.

We then put the choppings into a quart jar, shook vigorously, and poured vodka over them to serve as the preservative and carrier agent.  These will sit in a cool spot for 14 days.

And, as James Green, suggests, we admired the tincture.  Fun work, with a touch of magic about it!

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