First Day

labyrinth circle                     Animas River Blessing Water

This morning held excitement.  It felt fresh and new, like when I was a child and it was a holiday with presents waiting to be opened.  I savored the beauty of yesterday’s We All Can launch and labyrinth ceremony for a vision of a world with more compassion, safety, and dignity.  I thought about a young man who noted that he thinks the world needs more fun, and that while walking the labyrinth and looking into another’s eyes, he realized that fun for him is connection.  Beautiful.

Changes are already afoot in the way we go about our days because of our desire to remove the distractions created by consumption.  I dropped a car off this morning to have some work done.  Ordinarily I would stop by a coffee shop while waiting.  This morning I realized that buying a latte was outside of our goal of not consuming restaurant food unless there is a broader social purpose.  I felt a little bummed; I could taste that latte!  Thankfully, the sense of potential returned and I felt reinvigorated.

All new projects and beginnings contain the unknown, and that can be unsettling as well as alluring. I am grateful that this project feels rich, ripe, and full of potential.  This is partly due to to our curiosity to see what we learn.

It is also due to you, to those of you who choose to follow the project and try out portions for yourself.  It is due to those of you who read the forum, Inspiring Each Other, and contribute your thoughts and experiences.  It is due to those of you who click the “like” button and share with friends.  It because of those of you who previewed the site and found glitches, who helped us hone the text and make the videos, who encouraged the idea, who share the curiosity and vision for a world becoming new.  I am sure that we will need to draw on your strength as we journey.

For now, I savor this moment of innocence that inhabits the beginning of journeys.  I am grateful for it and for your encouragement; they propel us forward.