Creative Masterpiece!


These amazing photos speak for themselves!

Our neighbors, Rae and Bob, have been creating this fabulous greenhouse for over 2 years.  They used recycled windows and glass doors from the Habitat for Humanity store and built the stunning thermal mass walls from stones Rae has collected over the years.  She created a design like a tree using petrified wood for the branches and carefully selected stones and glass for the leaves.  Some of the stones have faces, as you can see above, and Rae added her “Earth Mother” sculpture as well.  The effect is a stunning testimony of creativity, vision, sustainability, and stick-to-itness.

Their creativity and hard work are an inspiration to me not to give up on my creative dreams.  Perhaps you also have some creative projects you are dreaming of,  are working on now, or have completed and are enjoying.  Please share them here or on the facebook page.  There is also a video of Rae discussing her greenhouse on

Bob and Rae, you rock! (pun intended :))

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