Not shopping



I’ve needed to buy a couple of items lately, most recently a candle for a ceremony that I was gifting to my goddaughter, Risa.  In the store, I wandered past the sales on summer clothing and attractively displayed autumn decorations and teasers.  Usually I would have browsed, maybe bought something just because it was on sale, and picked up an autumn do-dad.  I bought only the item that I needed and left the store.

It was empowering!  Not browsing and getting sucked into our consumer temptations was fun and rewarding!

A number of years ago we tried an experiment of only buying essentials for one month, just to see what we learned.  The memory of that ultimately fun month helped to fuel this current project.  You may want to try it sometimes and see what you notice.

A related impact of this is noting that we often vote with how we spend our money.  Our purchases say what we are and aren’t willing to support concerning human rights and the environment.  I remember years ago when people boycotted Burger King because they were clear cutting forests in Central America to graze their cattle.  They changed their practices because of it.  You can likely think of many other examples.  Many free trade products and “clean” companies are the result of consumer demand.

You may enjoy observing your own shopping patterns to see if they support what you value and care about, and then take a little more action toward what you value when purchasing.  Check out the Try This Tab for a few more details:   It’s fun and empowering, really!

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