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What would happen if people from around the globe dialoged about what inspires them and how they hope to inspire others?

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Inspiring Each Other
A Global Conversation

This is an online community where we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on how you have been inspired or inspire others. What do you love, what is life- giving to you and what brings you peace? Let us know what country you are from so that we can watch the conversation travel around the globe.

A Year of Mindful and Intentional Living

What will happen if the distractions generated by consumption were minimized? What will be revealed if our time, imagination, thoughts, and feelings are free to roam? Our goal is to be both minimal and mindful in our consumption of many of the things that we take for granted and to observe how our perceptions change in relation to time, nature, spirituality, community, money, and learning new skills.

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Community Tragedy and Unity

Report Card Continued: What we have learned about community What we have learned thus far on our project is more complicated to communicate than our previous report card section on areas of reduced consumption  While we expected surprises, we never anticipated that our little community of Aztec would fall victim to a school shooting.  We reflected on […]

A Prayer for the World

    Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet wrote the following wise words.  I post them here because, unbelievably, a bomb threat was called in today at our local middle school.  All is fine now, but that anyone would seek to re-traumatize our youth, at any time, but especially now as our  community is still […]

Report Card Time

    We’re about half way through the year long project of Mindful Living and Conscious Consuming so it’s time for a self assessment.  Some things have pleasantly surprised us, some things we have done well, and some we have failed.  This assessment will take a few posts, here is the first one. The wonderful […]