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We All Can

We all can do what? Make a difference!

What would happen if people from around the globe dialoged about what inspires them and how they hope to inspire others?

There are endless possibilities for positive change with this simple action.

Join the global conversation to inspire each other!

Inspiring Each Other
A Global Conversation

This is an online community where we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on how you have been inspired or inspire others. What do you love, what is life- giving to you and what brings you peace? Let us know what country you are from so that we can watch the conversation travel around the globe.

A Year of Mindful and Intentional Living

What will happen if the distractions generated by consumption were minimized? What will be revealed if our time, imagination, thoughts, and feelings are free to roam? Our goal is to be both minimal and mindful in our consumption of many of the things that we take for granted and to observe how our perceptions change in relation to time, nature, spirituality, community, money, and learning new skills.

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Works of Heart

Farmington’s Works of Heart Volunteer Appreciation Awards celebrates the caring and effort of volunteers.  We were excited to present We-All-Can as the keynote address because the honorees have a shared spirit with the goals of We-All-Can; they encourage others, enhance community, and because of them, there is more kindness and caring in the world. The […]

Moving through Overwhelm

I’m feeling overwhelmed and have been stuck in and out of that space for a couple of weeks; I’m feeling a little frozen, not unlike the scene outside of our windows.  The project has grown in many unanticipated ways and demands more work and constantly learning new skills.  While it’s invigorating, it’s also exhausting.  Never, […]

Assessment: you need to do more assessment

  New Years, it always seems an appropriate time to talk about resolutions.  In working our Conscious Living project I have discovered not a need for resolutions, but rather a need for ongoing reflective self assessment.  The “stop and think” aspect of Conscious Living oddly enough has found its way into a new perspective and […]