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We All Can

We all can do what? Make a difference!

What would happen if people from around the globe dialoged about what inspires them and how they hope to inspire others?

There are endless possibilities for positive change with this simple action.

Join the global conversation to inspire each other!

Inspiring Each Other
A Global Conversation

This is an online community where we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on how you have been inspired or inspire others. What do you love, what is life- giving to you and what brings you peace? Let us know what country you are from so that we can watch the conversation travel around the globe.

A Year of Mindful and Intentional Living

What will happen if the distractions generated by consumption were minimized? What will be revealed if our time, imagination, thoughts, and feelings are free to roam? Our goal is to be both minimal and mindful in our consumption of many of the things that we take for granted and to observe how our perceptions change in relation to time, nature, spirituality, community, money, and learning new skills.

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Food (rather drink) for thought

I am finding this process a reflective challenge for me. Reflecting on all the choices I make (that particular whole enchilada seems a bit overwhelming) just thinking about a choice of whether or not to pick up a latte’ is a productive exercise. Let’s see, $4.83 / day x 4 days a week x 1 […]

First Day

                      This morning held excitement.  It felt fresh and new, like when I was a child and it was a holiday with presents waiting to be opened.  I savored the beauty of yesterday’s We All Can launch and labyrinth ceremony for a vision of a […]


  Welcome and thank you for checking out our project of a year of mindful living and conscious consuming! If you watched the videos or explored the site, you know that our goal is to consume only what is essential and to see what changes as a result.  What can we learn in relation to […]