We All Can raises the question about how we as a couple can contribute to the global conversation of inspiring each other. Our project that we call ”A Year of Conscious Consuming and Mindful Living” is one way we will contribute to this conversation.

We are curious to learn what will happen if the distractions generated by consumption are minimized. Our goal is to be mindful in our use of many of the things that we can take for granted and to see what changes as a result.

Categories of things that we will consciously consume include: purchases, entertainment, news, food, and travel.  We will do this in order to see what we learn in relation to: time, nature, spirituality, community, money, and learning new skills.

Join us on our blog about our year long journey. We will also make suggestions of ways for you to try out any part of the project that interests you in Try This. Learn more about each of the categories here.

Together, let’s see what we learn as we create a global network of inspiration and possibilities.