Works of Heart

Farmington’s Works of Heart Volunteer Appreciation Awards celebrates the caring and effort of volunteers.  We were excited to present We-All-Can as the keynote address because the honorees have a shared spirit with the goals of We-All-Can; they encourage others, enhance community, and because of them, there is more kindness and caring in the world.

The process of preparing the keynote address was a challenge for us.  We had no prior experience speaking on a stage up front of a group of 300 and with 5 large screens showing our work.  The process, by its nature, forced an evaluation of our project so far (Inspiring Each Other Forum, Year of Mindful Living, and Healing Heart to Heart).  It also provided an opportunity to look into the next steps of We-All-Can.

Our vision for We-All-Can includes fostering conversation about what kind of future we want to create.  Reflecting on the future is so valuable  and includes many areas of exploration.  Fundamental questions include:  What ideals and principles do we value?  How will we assess our effectiveness at upholding them?  What qualities do we envision for our best selves, our best communities, and our best world?  It’s so exciting to imagine!


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