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One Year Later

Today marks the one year anniversary of our We-All-Can project! Thank you to everyone who has posted, followed, and encouraged! It is the sunset of our year of Mindful Living and Conscious Consuming, and the dawn of Heart 2 Heart Strong. Heart 2 Heart Strong ( www.heart2heartstrong.org )is the result of our We- All- Can […]

We’re Back!

Sorry that we’ve been mute for a while, but good things are in the offing. We’re in the process of making a new web page to house all of the videos for Healing Heart to Heart so that they will be easier to access. The page and project will be called Heart 2 Heart Strong […]

Everything is Different Now

    Our blogs haven’t been regular since the shootings at Aztec High School.  Like most of the community, we are still trying to come to some terms with the aftermath of the tragedy, and the several tragic school shootings since.  And like many, we are emotionally tired.  We’ve been spending more time just being […]

Works of Heart

Farmington’s Works of Heart Volunteer Appreciation Awards celebrates the caring and effort of volunteers.  We were excited to present We-All-Can as the keynote address because the honorees have a shared spirit with the goals of We-All-Can; they encourage others, enhance community, and because of them, there is more kindness and caring in the world. The […]

Moving through Overwhelm

I’m feeling overwhelmed and have been stuck in and out of that space for a couple of weeks; I’m feeling a little frozen, not unlike the scene outside of our windows.  The project has grown in many unanticipated ways and demands more work and constantly learning new skills.  While it’s invigorating, it’s also exhausting.  Never, […]

Community Tragedy and Unity

Report Card Continued: What we have learned about community What we have learned thus far on our project is more complicated to communicate than our previous report card section on areas of reduced consumption  While we expected surprises, we never anticipated that our little community of Aztec would fall victim to a school shooting.  We reflected on […]

A Prayer for the World

    Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet wrote the following wise words.  I post them here because, unbelievably, a bomb threat was called in today at our local middle school.  All is fine now, but that anyone would seek to re-traumatize our youth, at any time, but especially now as our  community is still […]

Report Card Time

    We’re about half way through the year long project of Mindful Living and Conscious Consuming so it’s time for a self assessment.  Some things have pleasantly surprised us, some things we have done well, and some we have failed.  This assessment will take a few posts, here is the first one. The wonderful […]

Unity from Tragedy

Unspeakable events in our small community occurred yesterday with the shooting death of 2 Aztec high school students, Casey and Francisco, also called Paco. Last night’s vigil was a way to come together.  It is important to remember that we are never alone.  We are not alone in our sorrow, we are not alone in […]

More about Fun

       The previous discussion about fun brings to mind that often what we call fun and play is more of an extension of stress, competition, and comparison.  Now, of course some competition can be fun but that energy can also dominate and steal the fun.  For example, we may enjoy skiing or mountain biking, […]