We’re Back!

Sorry that we’ve been mute for a while, but good things are in the offing. We’re in the process of making a new web page to house all of the videos for Healing Heart to Heart so that they will be easier to access. The page and project will be called Heart 2 Heart Strong and will be found at heart2heartstrong.org.

Now, this is slow in coming for a couple of reasons. One is that we’ve been visiting our son who is stationed with the Coast Guard in Puerto Rico. We highly recommend visiting this beautiful island! It is recovering from the hurricane and as tourists, we found much to see and do and all encounters we had with people were overflowing with kindness and friendliness. If you want to help the islands recover, go and spend your tourist money enjoying this wonderful country!

The second reason is that Rachel, a generous and skilled woman, volunteered to help us get the new web page up and running. However, her precious daughter, Elanora Catherine, decided to join the world early. So, Rachel is busy being in the blessed cocoon of new motherhood and the web page, like Elanora, will come in its own time!

We hope you all are well and that you hang in there with us; good thing are coming!