Serius Dog Days

Serius is the brightest star in the sky and is located in the constellation Canis Major (big dog) which is why it is know as the “dog star.”  You can see Serius in the east before sunrise in late summer, which is why these late summer days can also be called the “dog days of summer.”  Many ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions particularly note the days between July 23 and September 23 as a powerful time in relation to Serius.

So what can this mean for us?  These dog days and the approach of the equinox speak to me of reflection about the future.  These days invite us to go within and to imagine who and how we want to be for ourselves, those we love, and for the world.  Then, we take action in our lives with the intention of being the person we dream of.  This seems like a tall order, but there are simple ways to practice.

First, find a time each day to imagine who and how you want to be in a particular area of your life.  What do you value about yourself that you would want to share?  How would you share it?  What would be the result of that sharing; joy, intimacy, vulnerability?  Are you frightened, exhilarated, both?  Do you doubt yourself?

How can you develop that area of self more?  How does this “best you” go about her/his day?  What thoughts do you have when you wake up?  How do you go about your routine?  How do you respond to success or frustration?  How do you treat yourself…what do you eat, do you have supportive or critical thoughts about yourself?  How does this version of  you love, notice beauty, share kindness?

What do you need to heal or forgive to more fully be that best version of yourself?  How can you begin to share more of who you are in your current relationships and work?  How do you feel about that?

Really, the imagining is fun and it has a powerful way of helping you to set goals and to allow yourself to move past your own limitations.  The key and maybe the hardest part, is to give yourself permission to dream the best you, to create time daily (maybe as you go to bed or before you rise in the morning), and to allow this to change you.  Once you have practice, try doing it in all other areas of your life.  Have fun with it, allow you to inspire yourself:).

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Creative Masterpiece!


These amazing photos speak for themselves!

Our neighbors, Rae and Bob, have been creating this fabulous greenhouse for over 2 years.  They used recycled windows and glass doors from the Habitat for Humanity store and built the stunning thermal mass walls from stones Rae has collected over the years.  She created a design like a tree using petrified wood for the branches and carefully selected stones and glass for the leaves.  Some of the stones have faces, as you can see above, and Rae added her “Earth Mother” sculpture as well.  The effect is a stunning testimony of creativity, vision, sustainability, and stick-to-itness.

Their creativity and hard work are an inspiration to me not to give up on my creative dreams.  Perhaps you also have some creative projects you are dreaming of,  are working on now, or have completed and are enjoying.  Please share them here or on the facebook page.  There is also a video of Rae discussing her greenhouse on

Bob and Rae, you rock! (pun intended :))

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